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REDC technical features:
Pulverized coal injection: low consumption, high pulverized coal injection accuracy, stable operation of equipment, process control is simple; transport: low gas consumption, wide range of conveying materials, equipment, stable operation;

REDC technical features:
Dilute phase and dense phase pneumatic conveying technology can be applied to the processing technology of materials with different processes and various working conditions;
Experimental data of a large number of materials, can be more accurate and more rigorous optimization of the configuration, to provide a more reasonable system;
Sinopec, PetroChina, Shenhua Group and other central enterprises to strictly audit qualified suppliers, was highly recognized;
REDC  technical  features:
High degree of automation, and effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers;
Can realize automatic sand, automatic sand adding, automatic stop sand full automatic operation;
System delivery is stable, not blocking tube;
Conveying flow rate is low, and the pipe wear is small;
Easy to operate, can be a variety of models for sand;
The sand system can be designed according to the condition of the field.
REDC  technical  features:
Large pump body, fine pipe, high transmission efficiency and low gas consumption;
The delivery system of the dense phase pump is operated under the unified control of PLC;
Conveying the pump type discharging mode and outlet elbow flow effectively prevent material in the pump outlet is blocked. At the same time, it can ensure the emptying of pump body material in each delivery time, and the pressure loss is relatively small.
Pipeline transportation system automation operation, can ensure safe and reliable operation.
The new investment cost is lower than the traditional belt transportation plan.
REDC  technical  features:
Air compressor is a gas source, the unique structure design and gas distribution measures can achieve large quantities of material and long distance transportation;
The operation and control of the transportation system are all automatic.
Pneumatic conveying system for dense phase of electric dust collector, coal saving device, air preheater fly ash (coarse ash and fine ash)
Circulating fluidized bed boiler desulfurization limestone injection system
REDC  technical  features:
With high precision, continuous, uniform and stable,
The blowing smooth without fluctuation, to ensure the stable and reliable delivery of the material in the pipeline;
According to the change of the pressure in the pipe, the system can automatically adjust the feeding amount, which can effectively prevent the pipe blockage;
Unique vertical rotary metering valve structure design can ensure the accuracy of the system, no need to rely on sophisticated instrument components and control system to complete;
The double bottom blowing rotary feeder pump according to the change of furnace conditions are real-time injection quantity adjustment.


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