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Technical data

Iron& steel industry: dense-phase pneumatic conveying system

Iron& steel industry: dense-phase pneumatic conveying system for ash in sintering and pelletizing plants
Working Principle
The dense-phase conveying system sends the materials through pipelines with compressed air to the destination, and then separates the air and material with filter or other systems. In typical cases, the system employs a batch operation pattern.
The operation procedure is as below:
The material accumulates inside the top silo or ash hopper of the conveying pump, the control system senses the  silo or the low material level gauge is triggered in the ash hopper, the system starts up;
The feeding and vent valves are turned on, the material falls to the conveying pump by gravity, and the air in the conveying pump is replaced through the vent valve;
When the high material level gauge is covered inside the  silo, the conveying pump is full of material, the conveying system closes the vent valve, and the outfeed valve after a time delay, and the outlet valve is turned on;
The inlet air valve is turned, and the material is delivered to the conveying pipe for transportation;
When the pressure in the conveying pump is reduced to the set valve, the outlet valve is closed, and the vent valve is turned on for exhaust. Thus, a conveying circle is finished.
Features of system:
u  Large solid-gas ratio, few use quantity of compressed air when the same quantity of materials is conveyed;
u  Lower conveying speed can prolong the service life of system that conveying the erosive material;
u  Unique bottom cast manifold structure allows more evenly mixed air and solid;
u  The air pressure and speed are controlled with flow hole-plate and pressure sensor in order to ensure smooth and reliable material transportation;
u  Conveying system is operated and controlled in automated manner.

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