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Technical data

Long-distance pneumatic conveying system for limestone powder

Long-distance pneumatic conveying system for limestone powder
Working principle:
This system uses two sets of conveying pumps for alternate feeding at proper work using the pneumatic source from air compressor. The other conveying pump exhausts, pressurizes and feeds when one conveying pump is feeding,.
The crushed and sieved limestone powder falls to the conveying pump through the buffer silo by gravity for single conveying pump. When the high material level gauge in the conveying pump is covered, the feeding and vent valves are turned off, the fluidizing and pressurizing valves are turned on to pressurize the conveying pump. When the pressure inside the conveying pump is higher than the pressure inside the pump, the outlet valve is turned on; the feeder is started up for conveying. The limestone powder is transported to the remoter receiving silo through the conveying pipe. The bag filter and material level gauge are disposed on the top of receiving silo. The conveying air is exhausted to the air after passing through the bag filter. The material level gauge is used to indicate the material level of receiving silo in preventing from overflowing.
Features of system:
u  The limestone contains the main ingredient CaO, which is prone to dampness, with poor fluidity. It is difficult to convey the material. After the limestone conveying distance is over 500 in conventional technology, the system is unstable extremely and is blocked. REDC uses unique vertical roto feeder for continual stable feeding to exclude the blockage inside pipe. The conveying distance can be extended to 1780m.
u  The system can adjusts the rotary speed of roto feeder according to the pressure change inside the pipe in order to ensure the stable operation and prevent the blockage effectively; for long-distance conveying system, too fast speed at end of pipe poses a serious wearing on the equipment and pipe severely. REDC reduces the speed at the end of pipe by using a technology of increasing the pipe diameters by steps, thus effectively reducing the abrasion on the pipe and equipment.

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