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Technical data

Railway Industry: railway sand adding system


Railway Industry: railway sand adding system
Working principle:
The whole system is composed of sand storage system, a sand transporting system, sand control station system, dust filtration system, air power system, control system and so on. Sand adding station system is arranged on both sides of the track to facilitate sand adding operation, sand storage system and dust removal filtering system is arranged in any place outside the track (distance from the farthest sand station <150m). The control system and the air power system can be installed in the sand storage system. Use pipes to connect to each system.
The locomotive sand is transported to the sand adding station system through the sand transporting system through the first stage sand transporting system. The whole process is controlled by the electric control system, and the dust filtering system is used to remove the waste gas in the whole process.
System characteristics:
High degree of automation, reduce the labor intensity of the workers; can realize the automatic sand, automatic sand, sand fully automated operation of automatic stop; conveying system stability, no plugging; conveying low velocity, pipe abrasion, convenient operation, and operation of sand on the various models; sand system can be designed according to the site conditions.

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