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Company news

Celebrating REDC the three year anniversary party

REDC was founded in Beijing in November 20, 2012;
November 20, 2015, REDC ushered in the three anniversary of the establishment!
From unknown industry rookie, developed to now become the power industry leader in the industry, REDC with strength to prove everything! On this memorable day, we have a joyous gathering, to witness the development of the company, the company share the fruits!

We are not proud, we did not stop the pace of progress! At this time, first of all to thank the staff, thank your active support of hard work and their families! Thanks to our customers for Reed's attention and trust! A thank you can not express our gratitude, in the future days, REDC will be more exquisite technology, more quality services in return for the vast number of new and old customers!
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